Professor of Nursing

     … This is our last week of clinical so we are just finalizing all the student records for graduation. Let me please congratulate you on your wonderful book, “Mental Mechanics: A Repair Manual”. I keep reading it over and find it fascinating in so many ways.
            Having been a writer of professional articles but never a book, I can see it being utilized by not only nursing but in many other fields and to a very wide audience. The key is to see what audience would fit the chapter. I would love to see each chapter presented in a set of serial articles to the lay public and then I can see combinations presented to the professional/ medical world.
            I believe the Student Nurses Association would love to put some of those chapters into their journal printings especially chapter 4 Values and Self- esteem  and chapter 8 Work as they are constantly being challenged in nursing school and need the motivational aspect that you discuss in chapter 4 & 8..
            I see chapter 5 applying not only to students but to the lay public. We have a wonderful journal for the public called “Pathways” which is a holistic journal and widely used by both the lay and medical practitioners.  I know they would love to do serial chapters of your book. I can get you the sources if you need them.
            Chapter 6 would be a great take off for an article in management journals for professionals and or the lay public. I can even see this chapter for the older age group such as the AARP magazine in which older people are finding themselves with the need to develop new relationships due to death, divorce etc., pg 61 is a great illustration.
            Chapter 7 with parenting as the focus could be applied to journals such as parenting; adolescent articles are in great demand.
            Chapter 8 and 9 would be an eye opener for so many journals.  Exploring the “‘we” concept rather than the individual agenda is the key. I think such organizations such as Alcoholic Anonymous, Alateen, Alanon would love this. The NAMSI-(National Alliance for Mental Health Services Institute) could do lots of work with your chapters.
            Chapter 9 has a wonderful philosophical belief that would appeal to universal beliefs and the One Page Therapy Manual is a winner. Perhaps this chapter would appeal to journals of Universalism and to others. Many authors hate to see their book broken down into articles but I am of the belief that your message should be disseminated to as many people as possible.
            You made a great effort to publish this text and it is not over yet. I think you should blitz the publishers of journals with a chapter intended for their audience. Good luck to you and I wish you all my best.